Greenwash Guerrillas tackle major greenwash leakage at Shell HQ

On 3rd January 2008, at about lunch time, the London Rising Tide Greenwash Guerrillas discovered a major source of greenwash at Shell HQ in Waterloo, London. The Guerrillas entered the lobby for an inspection but were so repelled by the Greenwash that they had to leave (the security assisting their escape).

The police helpfully showed up to show the Guerrillas where the public pavement started and the infected area began and helped out by making the scene look more official and scary. The public were very receptive to warnings of contamination and seemed quite concerned. A lot of flyers were given out and people seemed interested to know what was going on, with a few people running away after heeding warnings of contamination.


After an hour of exposure, the Guerrillas retreated for the sake of their health; but a healthy dose of skepticism and honesty soon sorted them out.

Leaflet handed out on the day:

Leaflet front

Leaflet back


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