Greenwash Guerrillas Disrupt Carbon Traitors (ahem, Carbon Traders) Conference

Rising Tide North America’s “Greenwash Guerrillas” paid a surprise Halloween visit to the Carbon Market Insights conference in New York City today. Posing as delegates, two protesters took the stage at the exclusive event and presented the 700 attendees with a “Deed to the Sky,” denouncing Carbon Trading as a sham approach to the fossil fuels crisis. The action was the first in the US to target the growing Carbon Trading industry.

“Carbon trading puts the most crucial decisions about the future of life on this planet in the hands of fossil fuel industry,” said protester Jessica Starr “the very industry that got us into this mess in the first place.”



Greenwash detected at British Museum

The Greenwish Guerrillas struck again yesterday at the opening of the BP-sponsored ‘Michelangelo Drawings – Closer to the Master’ exhibition.As the doors of the British Museum opened on the first day of the record-ticket-selling Michelangelo exhibition, the Greenwash Guerrillas outfoxed security guards at the outer gates and unfurled a banner reading ‘BP sponsors climate chaos’ across the front steps of the building’s entrance. After a quick game of chase-the-Guerrillas, they set up camp outside the main gates, informing the public of the greenwash threat posed by BP’s hyper-slick sponsorship machine.

‘Enjoy your visit!’ said a security guard to everyone entering the museum.
‘Enjoy your visit and ask critical questions!’ said a Greenwash Guerilla.
One woman was heard to say, as she entered the museum refusing to accept a leaflet, ‘You can’t get us – we’re from the USA!’

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Greenwash Guerrillas not welcomed at ‘Ethical Corporation’ conference

On Wednesday February 23rd 2005, the Greenwash Guerrillas (GGs) visited the second day of the ‘Ethical Corporation Business/NGO Partnerships and Engagement London 2005 Conference’, happily subtitled “How to make sure everyone gets what they want”.

The GGs, donning protective clothing and greenwash detection equipment from a safe distance, (and thus attracting the interest of local bored constabulary), timed their entry into the Swiss Cottage Marriott Hotel to coincide with a co-presentation by BP and Flora & Fauna International (FFI). Energetic hotel security and said police soon had the GGs out on their ears though, not being happy at the thought of the cosy chowdown between NGOs and corporations being interrupted by the likes of us, down-at-heel superheroes and superheroines that we are. Continue reading